14 diciembre 2005

género (Philip E.Agre)

Escrito por Gloria Gómez Diago.

De Philip E. Agre, (autor de un texto titulado "Investigación en Internet: a favor y en contra” (pp. 139-149) que Daniel comentaba en Comunisfera (06/07/05) es un interesante texto que encuentro en The network observer, Volume 2, Number 11, November 1995.

El título es "Designing genres for new media:Social, economic, and political contexts". De él traigo una definición de género que surge de la interconexión de varias perspectivas de análisis de la comunicación.

"A genre is a relatively stable, expectable form of communication. Genres are addressed to particular communities and fit into particular activities in the lives of that community's members. Of course, a given genre might be addressed to several different purposes simultaneously, or even to several different communities, but it stands to reason that a genre cannot be too many things to too many kinds of people without diluting its usefulness for any one of them (...) It helps to think of a genre in historical terms as the product of an ongoing process of coevolution between its producers and consumers. Genres are effectively codesigned with forms of activity, even if this codesign process might be unconscious, haphazard, or even the
result of conflict between parties with differing interests or worldviews. In particular, every genre implies a distinctive constellation of relationships: it is supposed to be useful to members of a given community, in activities whose forms and purposes are heavily influenced by relationships with the members of particular other communities".

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