11 marzo 2008

universidad es

Será universidad quien pueda ayudar y sostener en el aprendizaje.
Será universidad quien pueda garantizar que una competencia se ha conseguido
Un comentario de Harold Jarche:
If educational institutions were really in the learning business, they would embrace the internet and offer the context that is necessary for learners. Learning strategies are important, as noted by Joan, but not taught well. Perhaps the problem is that many professors profess instead of facilitating learning. Institutions can also maintain and expand their influence by taking seriously their role in accreditation (quality control). Does it really matter how or when the student learned something? Isn’t it more important to show competence? Maybe the future leaders in education will be those institutions who 1) help learners and 2) assure that competence has been achieved.
en el debate y comentarios que recoge Victoria Castrillejo en el blog del Grupo Nodo Ele sobre ¿universidad distribuida? ¿universidad informal? ¿universidad?

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