18 agosto 2004

Qu� son y que est�n haciendo los blogs, seg�n Joichi Ito

Ya que estoy con entrevistas y �xito de weblogs, otra de hoy The World Wide Blog, de tono parecido a la de Gillmor, a Joichi Ito en la revista-forum Ubicuity de la Association for Computing Machinery.

Joichi Ito, founder of Neoteny and other Internet companies, finds that cyberspace is embracing it roots ? collaboration, community, and personal communications ? with bloggers leading the way.

"Weblogs are, from a technological perspective, just content management systems that use a bunch of the technologies and standards that have been developed in the community ? things such as style sheets and syndication formats, the ability to import and export entries between software packages, and the existence of a common API that allows you to write a client for all the different blog packages. It's really what the Internet is all about, and what the big companies are NOT all about. "

UBIQUITY: So "collaboration" is the key idea?
ITO: "Absolutely. If you look historically ? at Minitel, Delphi, or any online service ? they always started out thinking they were going to sell packaged products, whether it was content or physical goods, to consumers, and yet at the end of the day most of the people just want to talk to each other. That is what blogs are all about ? a group of people talking to each other in a new medium. "

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