20 diciembre 2011

No recuperamos el ROI de la educación y no alcanzamos el RANK de la investigación

 "Although universities routinely structure their workflows based on a separation of research from teaching activity, in fact the growth of research caused a decline in the seriousness of teaching effectiveness. cannot be separated from each other in this equation. Research papers may never be read, but they are assiduously counted. It is no accident that grades have inflated right along with the growth in research publication by academics. Teaching won't earn a young academic tenure, if research leads her university's mission. For many tenure-track academics, it's better to have a happy student clientele with no complaints. Nobody's measuring the knowledge and skills of undergraduates after each course anyway."
john hawks weblog (2012-12-20) Is humanistic research a waste of time? vía @albertocairo

Cambiar los criterios de calidad, investigación y encuestas, es indispensable para virar el sistema hacia el rendimiento social y la satisfacción de los aprendientes en las distintas fases de la vida.

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