20 octubre 2004

DonnaM: Card sorting tools - a short summary

Escrito por Gloria Gómez Diago
"WebCAT - Online tool. I can't follow the install instructions, so have never tried it. Oops!
uzCardSort - a Mozilla extension. Not even close to finished, terrible interface, no analysis function.
Card Zort - Windows application. Card titles display as 20 characters maximum (but can be stored as longer), which isn't terribly useful. I got around it by putting some stuff in the 'description' field, but this isn't sustainable for a real-life situation. Spatial sorting metaphor - dropping cards into piles seems more sensible than moving text around. It has its own clustering tool. Some potential, pending results and analysis.
WebSort - this is a commercial service, runs online and has an online demonstration. It is pretty easy to set up a sort, but the model is backwards - you have to create categories then add content to them. It might have had some promise otherwise.
CardSort - Windows application. Card titles are limited to 18 characters. Not useful at all.
IBM's EZSort and EZCalc - Windows applications. Easy to enter cards into, slightly clunky sorting interface (but it at least groups then labels), cluster analysis tool available. Reported to flunk out with over 100 cards.
Classified - Windows application. It uses categories and content and participants have to determine which category the content goes into. If the participant doesn't select the 'correct' category, they get an 'incorrect, please try again' error message. For this reason alone, I wouldn't use it."

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Escrito por Gloria Gómez Diago

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