03 noviembre 2008

¿ganamos o perdemos con Internet?

Sólo enlazo dos entradas de un debate que se extiende:
  • ¿Internet nos está haciendo vagos? (Marcos Ros, en Documentalista Enredado) cita estudios de pérdida de capacidad informativa en estudiantes "tecnológicamente más expertos"
  • "Knowledge is power. If one possesses a collection of the ‘universal knowledge’ of the world, one has ultimate power. Establishing comprehensive, global collections of knowledge already fascinated mankind thousands of years ago. Today, modern communication and information technologies offer quick and prompt collecting, high memory capacities and wide-ranging access. In addition, globalization and the Internet advance a mentality which moves away from the local and regional towards the international and universal. Collections of knowledge, such as archives, encyclopaedias, databases and libraries, also follow this trend. They are engaged in a race against time in both the technological and creative area. Their clearly formulated aim is to establish for us a complete and up-to-date collection of 'universal knowledge'." Gerlinde Schuller en Designing Universal Knowledge en (InfoDesign,). Pero
  • la globalización está acabando con muchas de la 7000 lenguas que quedan hoy vivas, Internet entre otras agravantes...
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