01 diciembre 2008

Too much information! mediadores para la relevancia informativa

Too much information! Journalism’s battle for relevance (engl wikipedia)
The future of news depends on the willingness of journalistic organizations to adjust to the new ecology and new economy of information in the digital age. “I think in some ways, we need a better metaphor,” says Delli Carpini. “The gatekeeping metaphor worked pretty well in the twentieth century, but maybe what news organizations should be now is not gatekeepers so much as guides. You don’t want gatekeepers that can say you can get this and you can’t get that. You want people who can guide you through all this stuff."
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O cuando el decano de la Annenberg pide que se sustituya metáforas de mediaciones (ni siquiera teorías funcionalistas) por gente, probablemente refiriéndose a grupos, o mejor a comunidades en las redes sociales en Internet.

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