22 diciembre 2005

the immediacy of Rhetoric (Steven D. Krause)

Escrito por Gloria Gómez Diago (gracias)
Steven D. Krause ( autor del blog Steven D. Krause´s official blog ) en "The Immediacy of Rhetoric: Deinitions, Illustrations, and Implications" profundiza en lo que supone para la comunicación web la no rígida separación de escritores, audiencias y mensajes por el constante fluir de acciones que modifican dichos agentes y entidad. Plantea Steve revisar las situaciones retóricas para poder aplicarlas al estudio de la communicación en Internet.

"I think the Internet can be seen in general terms as an immediate rhetorical situation because while it contains rhetors, audiences, and messages, its origins and boundaries cannot be effectively traced. Indeed, the very definition of the Internet--the millions of host computers electronically networked together--constantly changes with each addition and subtraction of host computers and their users.
(...) as an example and creator of immediate rhetorical situations does further our understanding of the medium in ways not possible with classical or modern interpretations of context and situation. To understand how the Internet functions as discourse, I think we need view it through a lense like the one I have constructed here. Through my lense of immediacy, I think it's clearer that the distinctions between rhetors, audiences, and messages assumed in traditional rhetorical contexts are actually blurred and re(con)figured as dynamic and interrelated components, and the modernistic and unified themes of time, place, and identity are overturned. In other words, as I believe I have shown here, I think the first step to considering this highly volatile rhetorical situation is to revise our definitions of rhetorical situations".

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