27 marzo 2012

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Giacomo Mazzone, head of institutional relations for the European Broadcasting Union, predicted some people will become “app potatoes,” writing, “The Amazon, Apple, and Google model of apps will diminish the importance and utility of the open Web by 2020. There will be again a digital divide, this one will be between those who will prefer to use ready-made applications and those who are building ways or searching on their own to find the needed solutions. This will occur especially for the simpler functions, where a ready-made application could save time and brain energy to obtain the pursued goals. Instead of couch potatoes you’ll have app potatoes.”

Consultant and researcher Stowe Boyd responded that people are quickly moving away from browser-based access to the app-based model of Web access, and he noted a number of factors. “Apple and other platform companies can retain greater control of the user experience, and guarantee a uniformly better user experience in the app model, based on a controlled distribution of apps through platform-based app stores. This also has enormous economic incentives for app and platform companies, since blocking low-cost, low-quality apps raises the average price for accepted apps.”

Pew Internet (23-3-2012)The Future of Apps and the Web. Informe

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